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New product released 2018: 8 channel functional electrical stimulation (internal skeleton linkage) workstation

2018-08-31 14:37 Source:NEUCOGNIC MEDICAL Click:

NeuCognic medical launched the wireless multi-channel linkage functional electrical stimulation walking line in 2013. During the development of this product, a number of patents for invention have been granted by the state and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The product has been launched for five years. After many years of clinical application in hundreds of rehabilitation medical institutions, the quality of the product is stable and reliable, and it helps many patients to recover. In order to meet further clinical needs, the R&D team of the company, led by Jiangsu Province leaders imported from Boston, USA, elaborately developed the DC-L-800 series 8-channel functional electrical stimulation (endoskeletal linkage) workstation, which is now approved by the Drug Administration for marketing.
Major Advantages:

1) The combination of intelligent stimulator and workstation is powerful.
              Up to 8 channels of electrical stimulation output.
              Built in various sports therapy programs

2)  Multi channel collaborative internal skeleton support.
                  A wearable stimulator is required to coordinate output electrical stimulation.
                  Perform specific rehabilitation exercises.

3)  Graphical programming database management
               Intuitive and convenient to improve clinical efficiency
               Save patient data in real time and print report automatically.

4)  Remote interaction (Optional)
(China's first mobile Internet FES system with CFDA registration certificate)
Remote setting and reading of stimulator parameters

5)  Built in 3D motion sensor
            Gait follows more sensitively and accurately.

6)   Patent joint steering knob bandage (optional)
               Electrode positioning is more convenient and fast.

One piece three point electrode sheet
Equivalent realization of 16 channels



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